Friday, September 17, 2010

Back and Running

Today we are back in to the full swing of things. I think we all woke up feeling great and not feeling sick at all anymore. Although we do cough from here and there.

Hunter had a sleep over at Nana's and Papa's house last night. Papa took Hunter to see Gigi, when he was there he ate Gold Fish, played with Gigi's bed and even got to work the AC unit.

Brandon and I went to look at a Buick Enclave and then went to look at bunk beds. We ended up really liking the Buick, its a really nice car, lots of room and drive smoothe.

Later during the day we went to Home Depot to pick out paint and get chalkboard paint for the playroom/ Weston's room. We chose a beautiful blue color called Winter Water Lake. Hunter enjoyed riding around in the race car shopping cart at Home Depot and looking at all the different paint swatches.

Taylor enjoyed his day with fun in the sun riding his bike around the neighborhood. Taylor will be back at school tomorrow after being out of school sick for the last week. He was really good about doing all his work he was missing when he was out. So he would be caught up when he goes back tomorrow.


  1. So, did you get the car?? Very nice, btw!!

  2. No we didn't get it but I think that's the one I want but I am still looking. Just want to make sure its the right car.


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