Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back to School Night

Tonight was Taylor's Back to School Night for the 7th grade at Fulton Middle School. Brandon went with me to the first period and then I was on my own for the other 5. I was really intimidated about going.....okay I was dreading going. I was dreading going because I knew I would be the youngest one there and not only am I young but I look about look about 7 years younger then I am. In the end it wasn't so bad although I was the youngest person there. I got to meet all Taylor's teachers and check out all his classrooms.

So you would think that since it was Back to School night they would have the all the bathrooms opened. Well nope towards the end of the the night I had to go potty since I had a baby sitting on my bladder. I walked to the first bathroom locked, second locked, third locked by this point I was ready to die. Walking with a full bladder when your pregnant is the worst but don't worry by the time I made to the forth it was open. You would think since it is Back to School Night they would have restrooms unlocked but I guess not. When you have to attend a Back to School Night make sure to go potty first because they lock the restroom doors.

All in all it was a good night and I think Taylor got a good set of teachers.


  1. LOL. Im glad you had a good time, I know the feeling when it comes to bathroom. LOL


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