Monday, September 20, 2010

We Don't Say it We Spell It B-A-T-H

Bath Bath Bath....thats all Hunter wants to do all the time. You can no longer say bath or bathroom in our home. If you say the word bath he wants one right now and won't let up. When you say shower he says bath.

I just got him letters to stick on the bath on the bath and he really likes them. My cousins Caroline and Libby got him a boat for his birthday than you can fill with water and he loves that too. Thank god he doesn't pour the water from the boat on to the floor. I am sure its only a matter of time before that happens.

He is so funny about the bath though he loves to be in there but he will not sit, he only spouts and stands. He also loves to eat the bubbles. Well here are a couple pictures enjoy.

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