Monday, September 06, 2010

Growing Boy

Hunter has been growing so quick. Every day his is changing in so many different ways. He is now running, jumping, sometimes walking, working on getting 4 molars at one time, working on his vocabulary and gaining his little personality.

Hunter's words: dog, cat, pig, cow, duck, ball, nack(snack), baba(bottle), mommy, momma, mom, dada, Taylor, T, Peanut, Lily, Chuck, bye, hi, I know, yep, ya, no, no no no, Nana, banana, Papa, Gigi, Megan, puppy, neigh, tree, cup, eat, meat, cheese, bagel, Ashley, Mike, baby, belly, and eye.

Hunter's Phrases: I lub you, I know, and all done.

Every day it feels like he is learning new words.

Hunter loves animals. Lately he has been stuck on horses. He loves to look at his book with all the farm animals and everything else that comes with a farm. He loves for me to read him the book Down on the Farm, I think at this point I know that book by heart after reading 20 times a day every day.

He also loves to help with throwing things in the trash and rearranging the cabinets. Favorit foods at this point is blueberries, rasberries, cheese, and a baba of milk. He is 33 inches tall and weighing in at 23lbs a true healthy boy.

Hope you enjoyed this little update on our All America Boy.

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