Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

All summer everyone has been saying were is summer well it just got here and now everyone wants to know were fall is.The temperature sure did jump up, making it not very fun to go out of the ac. Hunter and I have been spending our days playing in the house, doing laundry and cleaning.

Also enjoying the last week that Brandon will be working from home. On Monday Brandon will be going into the office to work. Its such a bitter sweet thing. It has been so nice with him being home all of Hunter's life, he has been able to help me out in so many ways and has been able to see every big thing in Hunter's life. Nice thing about him leaving the house for work is Hunter won't want to just go upstairs and play with daddy every day and get mad when he can't. Hunter is a daddy's boy and he loves to spend every minute with him, when Brandon is here. So its nice that I won't have that battle every day that Hunter can't just spend all day with daddy. I will be sad to see my helper go, no more extra set of hands for me. This will be a big change for Hunter and I but I think we will manage. I am sure it will help us prepare for Weston too and it will be nice to have the next to months with just Hunter and I .

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