Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sick Sick Sick and More Sick

Well, we've had such a fun week in this household....not. Hunter, Taylor and myself have all been sick, not sure how Brandon got out of it this time around. I have not felt so sick in such a long time. The 3 of us have been staying home, watching movies, eating soup and letting Brandon wait on us. I know poor us we have Brandon to wait on us. Sometimes you just get what you can get....haha! No Brandon has been such a big help its been really nice. What would I do if he was sick? Oh I know I would be doing the same thing, but this time around I got lucky and he stayed healthy. He hasn't even complained about taking care of us.

Taylor, Hunter and I actaully got out of the house today, could you believe that? We got to go to the doctors. When we arrived at the doctors office we went into the sick room, ya the sick room, I have never wanted to go in there. There has been times I have taken Hunter in and was like no way in am I going in the sick room, even though he was sick. He is my baby and the kids in there are really sick. I would just take him to the well room and not let him touch anything. This time I had to really bite the bullet and march right on in the sick room because the three of us were sick; we were really sick. I gave the lady our info then sat down, relieved there were no other sick kids in there, as if they were going to make us more sick. Anyone who dared to walk through that door should think twice.

Well nope it couldn't be just us, not at all. The door opens up and here comes in a mommy and son. The mommy walks right up to the counter, checks her son in, then grabs a lollipop out of the dish to give to her son. My eyes probably popped out of their sockets, I was thinking, “Are you kidding me? What are you doing? My son knows what that lollipop is and now he is gonna be all over your sick kid to take that loli pop and its only 10am.” What kind of mom would do that to another mom? Now I am going to have to give my kid a lollipop just to keep him off your kid.

“Hunter and Taylor”...................Thank god they said ours names right as a I opening his lollipop. I hurried up to grab our stuff and scoot into the room giving Hunter two licks of the lollipop, and trashing it right as we got into the room.

The nurse comes in the room to check out Hunter. While she is checking him out he's chatting her up. Then she comes in to swab his throat, and what do you think this kid does? Yep, he closes his jaw, and not just closes it, he decides to totally lock his jaw up and force us to pry his mouth opened. We had to use a tongue depressor (popsicle stick thingy) and my fingers. Then, when we finally got it open what does this turkey do? Laugh, yep that’s right, he's laughing at us prying his month open. I bet he would have opened his month for the lollipop, I guess I should have saved it.

So here we are the three of us waiting for the doctor to come, while trying to keep my 2’ tall monster from destroying the room. He has already had his way with that stupid paper they lay down, and by having his way, I mean the kid has shredded it, thats right shredded it. It's not like I really stopped him, he was entertained for like 10 seconds, okay maybe 5. Whats the point in that paper anyhow, they should save some trees and use Simple Green.

Well look who it is, The Doctor, and look whos running out the door saying “Bye bye”, yep, my 2’ foot tall monster. Oh where is he? He's in the doctor’s office, yep the nice one. The one you only meet the doctor in when the child is still in your belly being good and contained. I find him throwing himself against, and grabbing, the doctor’s collection of stuffed animals. I hurry up and grab him, and as I am walking out I think “well if thats not the sick room, it is now.”

So in the end the doctor looked at the boys; its medication and rest for them. Thank god we can leave, I am sure the doctor was thinking thank god they are out of here. Anyhow it got me thinking, here we are three sick people, and this poor doctor has to walk into a 6’ by 10’ space with the three of us and our germs, and here I am avoiding the sick waiting room so I don't get my sick child sicker.

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