Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DIY Chalk Board Wall

Mommy's Little Helper

Yesterday I started to work on the playroom /Weston's room. I am doing one whole wall chalkboard for the kids to color on.

Things I used; chalkboard paint, black primer, wood putty, two 8'x4' sheets of 1/4" hard plywood, 220 grade sand paper, nails, and liquid nails.

1. I measured the area first, and went to Home Depot to have them cut the wood for me.

2. We nailed the wood to the wall and put putty where all the nails went and on seem where the two boards met.

3. Put Liquid Nails along the edge for a tight bond. I had to stick the nasal of the cocking gun in about a inch to inject the Liquid Nails. Then we pushed the wood on the wall where the Liquid Nails squezzed out, I wiped with a paper towel. After I wiped the wall with a wet rag.

4. Let putty dry and then sanded wall smooth where putty went.

5. Put two coats of Black Premier on, let dry.

6. Put two coats of chalkboard paint on, let dry 20 minutes in between.

7. Sand chalkboard with 220 sand paper.

8. Apply the last coat of chalkboard paint.

Now we have to wait 3 days to color on the walls.

Brandon and I did the prep work but we hired a painter to do the dirty work. Since he was already there to paint some other rooms. We used Derick Thomas the painter. He does great work and is really neat. He painted two whole rooms for us and got the job down in 6 hours.


  1. Awesome Ashley! I wanted to do this too but on a smaller scale (not floor to ceiling). Great jog, I can't imagine how excited Hunter is when he can go chalk crazy! =)

  2. fun! can't wait to see it in person. I bet they'd like a magnetic wall too!

  3. How fun, were doing that but smaller :) Your boys will enjoy it


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