Friday, September 17, 2010

Yellow to Green Nutri-Vet Green Grass

This summer are yard has been destroyed by Chuck our 8 month old Golden Retriever. We got yellow spots in our grass from every where that Chuck went pee. I went to Pet Supply store in Fountain Valley, they were so helpful on what I could do. They associate there recommended Nutri- Vet Green Grass Chewable for dogs.
Its suppose to remove the Ph out of there urine and after two weeks you shouldn't get yellow spots were they pee. Your also suppose to flood the yellow spots with water. So I flooded the yellow spots every day for a about 5 days and gave Chuck the Green Grass pills and now all the yellow spots are turning green and we are getting our green yard back. I am really happy with this product, it worked great. Chuck didn't seem to have a problem with taking the pills either, he just gobbled them all up. We now give him the pills every day with his food.


  1. I'm so glad you posted this!! Our dog Jake leaves those yellow spots on our grass too :( How much were these pills?? And i'm assuming they have to take them indefinitely for it to work? Are there any side effects to the dog for taking these?

  2. Annie

    Yes he does have to take them indefinitely. I got 365 pills for like $20 bucks. You can get the on Amazon for 14.95 for the same amount. No side affects that I have noticed.

  3. It's worth a shot to try 'em--thanks!!!


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