Thursday, October 14, 2010

Irvine Pumpkin Patch

Waiting for the train.

Load the train and we are off......choo choo!

Hunter climbed up on a hay bail and poked his head through here all on his own.

Waiting for the train to drive by.

Checking out to see how much these pumpkins can hold.

Mommy there's nothing here.

Oh there is look the red eyes. Hunter was standing here then the thing went off and he started to backup slowly.
Maybe we should just close this door.


Hunter's first haunted house he walked through on his own. Well he walked through here about 10 tens.

Having a drink before we load up in the car.


  1. glad you got a few pics with you in them. you always are behind the camera

  2. I know! I am always the one taking the photos. Hunter's going to think he went everywhere by himself. lol!

  3. great pics Ashley. I love the one of you holding hunter. You both look so happy!!! :)


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