Sunday, October 10, 2010

Taylor Here and There

This weekend was a busy weekend with Taylor, I think this has was the busiest weekend we have had with him. Friday night he went to Knott's Halloween Haunt with 4 of his friends, then he had 2 of the boys stay over. Hunter loved waking up to a living room full of boys, he thinks he is one of the big boys. Saturday Taylor went to this place to play in battles with other kids with air soft guns. Not something I would like to do but I guess he is a boy. He had so much fun with his friend Austin doing that. They ended up staying there for about 6 hours. Then when he came home he hung with us for a little bit then was off to stay the night with Hunter at Judi and Mike's house. Sunday morning when we picked him up we were then off to get him hockey gear. He was so excited to pick all his gear off. I think Brandon was a little excited too. Hunter on the other hand was crashed out just about the whole time. I wish I could have been crashed out in a stroller the whole In the end I think it Taylor had a great weekend and tomorrow its back to school just another Monday. At least he has the end of the day to look forward to because its his first hockey game to play in for the season.

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