Saturday, December 25, 2010

Very Merry Christmas 2010

What a wonderful Christmas we had this year,we got a early Christmas gift which was Weston. We are just so in love with the little guy and we are excited to see all the kids grow together.
Santa just stopped by...all the boys were go this year. Still on the nice list.
Above in the picture is Weston's Santa Sack. This year I saw this post my friend put up of this blog with Santa Sacks. Instead of wrapping any gifts from Santa you use the sack to place some of them in. I loved the idea so Judi and I made Santa Sacks. They turned out really cute and were easy to make. I made 3 different sizes and a total of 10 sacks so if somebodies got a bigger item one year it will fit in there.
Hunter has become crazy over trash trucks so this is a trash truck we got him for Christmas. It has trash cans that it lifts into the truck, the turning thing inside to push the to the back, lifts up to dump the trash out and much much more.
Stocking time! Hunter and I digging through his stocking to see what he got.
Taylor jumping into tearing apart his presents.
This was also our first Christmas with Taylor living with us. Taylor really made me remember the excitement that I use to get for Christmas morning.It was funny because we told Taylor he had to go to bed and he was like I am never going to be able to see. I am sure we all remember that feeling like the day was never going to come but when Taylor's head hit the pillow that night he was out.
The Nana's
Mike and Weston just relaxing.
Hunter's big gift was a slide, which he loved. He kept going down it over and over again.
This was Hunter second Christmas which was a lot of fun. He really figured out that the gifts under the tree have goodies in them and he was so excited about this.
Nana and Hunter opening gift together.
Hunter testing out his gift from The Mark's. Looks like everything checked out okay.
Wait stop to read a book. This is one of my favorite photos of the day!
The fire truck from Nana and Papa, Hunter loves this thing so much he took it for a walk around the whole block.
Dino's Hunter loves dino's.

Christmas morning Judi, Mike, Betty and Shirley came over to spend the morning with us we opened gifts and then had breakfast together. It was great times and even funner watch the kids open there gifts.

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  1. I agree, that pic of BT and Hunter reading on the slide is a keeper! I also love the look on Hunter's face in the last picture. He looks so grown up.


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