Sunday, January 30, 2011

Go Go Go

Yesterday Taylor and Hunter were out in the backyard playing. Taylor helped Hunter make his sand box that I am currently working on into a little pool. They had the buckets and more in there playing with the water. Chuck also joined in on the fun. Hunter is always so excited to have Taylor to play with and Taylor does so well with him to.

Don't let his cute face full you!

Taylor and Hunter filling up the bucket and Chuck attempting to drink all the water.

Taylor and I trying to get Hunter to pause to pose for a picture. Nice try huh!

After playing in the water we cleaned up and headed to Farrell's for a birthday party. Hunter had a lot of fun running around with the kids. I tied a balloon to Hunter and then when he would run he would try to watch it and catch it. Too Funny.

Hurry take the picture quick.

Hunter resting on the floor.

Hunter caught the balloon that was tied to him.

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