Friday, January 28, 2011

Just Another Trip to the ER

Monday I took Hunter to a play date at the Westminster Mall Play Place that we always go to. Every was going great and he was having a blast run around until he fell. When he fell he slammed his head on a frame around a picture on the wall which had a sharp edge. He sliced his forehead open which is the one place that seems to bleed the most.

Of Course I was freaking out on the inside seeing blood pour out of my baby's head but I tried to compose myself on the outside. I knew I had to keep pressure on his head injury which is not a easy task to do with a toddler. At this point Hunter was crying/screaming and Weston wasn't shy about chiming in too. I was watching the fabric absorb a lot of blood and the last thing I want to do was look down at it or lift the fabric up to see the wound. So I just continued to put pressure on it.

The train operate called the security guard to come with a first aid kit. When the security guard arrived he look at Hunter and said "We need to call paramedics." I thought in my head hold yourself together don't freak out. I knew in the back of my mind we would probably have to call the paramedics because how was I going to drive to the hospital and apply pressure to his head. I had tried to call Brandon but he wasn't answering, finally he called me back. I told him what happened and he was on his way.

By the time the paramedics got there Brandon was walking in too. Hunter was a little happier and I manage to keep enough pressure on his head that the bleeding had stopped. Hunter at this point was only worried the one of the paramedics name was Chuck which was the same as our dog. So he was talking to him about Chuck, Peanut and Lilly. After the paramedics check Hunter out we were off to the hospital.

Once we got to the hospital Hunter wound had start to bleed again and he started to throw up but yet he was a happy camper. I think he was more worried about getting his hands on everything the the ER.

They checked him out and said they would glue it so it wouldn't scar and then taped it up. The glue stings so when they went to apply it they wrapped Hunter up in a sheet so he couldn't move. It was so hard to watch and listen when he is screaming momma momma momma it just about breaks your heart. In the end Hunter survived and will live to see another day. He was a little trooper.

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