Monday, January 31, 2011

No Shoes No Shirt No Service

Weston hanging out checking everything out.

Weston has become so alert and watching everything. Every day there is something new with him. Lately he is up a little more during the day and wants to check everything out. He loves when you hold him up in a standing position. He has started to coo and respond to you. It is just so amazing to watch he grow and see how fast he is changing.

Hunter has loves to check everything out, well I guess I should say touch everything. He is loving helping me with things but he really loves to say help me. Hunter has been putting little sentences together maybe not correctly but he is trying.

Things Hunter has been saying; Help me please, I don't know, I am trouble, drive safe, happy day, hey Peanut, Lily and Chuck and anymore.

Hunter showing Weston his cow.

Alright boys say cheese.

Weston sitting in his Bumbo seat.

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