Thursday, January 06, 2011


The other day Brandon was walking around the neighborhood with Hunter and they saw a 3 year old boy riding his bike with no training wheels on the bike. Brandon asked the boys mom how he learned how to balance. She told he it was from riding his big brothers razors. I guess the boy started to try to ride them around 1 1/2.

So today Brandon came home with a helmet and a razor for Hunter.

This bike was a early Christmas gift to Hunter for Brandon and I. He has yet figured out how to ride it but he does try. He puts both feet on the petals and pushes at the same time. He then gets frustrated and drags the bike down the street.

Hunter and Brandon putting the Razor together. Not sure if Hunter was helpful or just a little more work for Brandon.

All set to go lets push put of the garage.

Brandon showing Hunter he has to push with one foot.

This is what Hunter does with the bike.

Okay mommy will push you around.

It was really cute to watch how excited Brandon and Hunter were about the Razor. I loved watching Brandon put it together with Hunter.


  1. there is a "balance bike" that is great for 2 year olds that teaches them to ride a bike. they begin by sitting on it and walking their feet and then they get faster and more foreceful and realize they can push hard and go farther

  2. So cute!! Father and son time is priceless :) Have you seen those bikes with out peddles? Ive seen great reviews on kids learning to ride their bike with these...I'll have to find them online and send you a picture.

  3. Here. They are called Smart Balance Bikes. =)


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