Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunny Sunday

This Sunday morning I pulled the hose out out for Hunter to play with the water. He filled up, and poured out buckets and dog water bowls. He played in the mud and water for hours, he thought it was the best thing.

Later in the day Mark and Tressa road there bikes over to play. Tressa will be 3 in March, her and Hunter are 1 year and 1 month apart. They play so good together its great, its funny cause its almost like Tressa wants to mother him. It has been really fun watching them grow together in the past year. Tressa has always seem to like Hunter and now that he came interact with her its fun to watch how excited she gets. We pulled out the toys in the garage let the kids play out front. After the kids play for a little while I brought snacks out for them. Tressa played with the little car and when Hunter wanted it he would go grab her juice, then she would get out of the car and Hunter would run over and jump in it. What a little trick stir. They had a great time playing as always and Tressa didn’t want to leave.

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