Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weston 1 Month

Weston James Taylor

1 Month

9lbs 12oz and 21 inches long

Weston is doing really well, growing so quick. It amazes me how much quicker every moment goes by with him then with Hunter. Which is only because we have to divide our attention to 3 kids now not one but its still great. Weston is really strong he is already holding his head up really well. He flows your voice with his eyes. Every day is always something new.

Weston's favorite place to be with me or in his swing. That sounds bad but for some reason he gets all worked up with Brandon but don't worry about Brandon cause once this boy realizes all the fun things he can do with his daddy he will be like mommy who?

Hunter has been coming around a little better every day but he does not like when Weston cries. Although at home Hunter will get really concerned and say "momma baby" then look for Weston's pacifier and blanket.

Things with Weston have been little different then with Hunter. I am able to breast feed with Weston but I mainly pump during the day and breast feed at night. Its hard to chase one while breast feeding the other. Also Weston seems to be a little more fussy then Hunter but my memory might be a little foggy that. Weston is a night owl like me he definitely gets his second wind at 10pm like me. One thing my boys definitely have in common is they have no problem growing.

We are so happy and these last weeks might be rough at times with feeling there is not enough time but before we know it we will be sitting holding their babies(hopefully girl babies)lol. There are some many moments we excited to see as our children grow.

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  1. He's so perfect, its really hard splitting your attention though -right?

    I always feel guilty no matter which way I focus it. :~P


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