Monday, February 28, 2011

1 2 3 Disney

IMG_2450 (2)

Hunter and me went to Disneyland with my friend Nikki her two kids Mackenzie and Austin. It was a beautiful day out in the morning it looked a little cloudy but it cleared up. We took the kids on Jungle Cruise, Small World, Roger Rabbit's  Wild Ride, Train, and to climb Chip and Dales house.

We also were lucky enough to see characters.  Mackenzie who is almost 3 is really into the different characters so it was nice because Hunter would see that she wasn’t scared and was a little more willing to stand by them without me.

It was another great trip to Disney. Last last pictures are of the toy Hunter wanted it is a Mickey toy that lights up and spins around. He played with in the car ride home till he passed out.

It was another great trip to Disneyland.

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