Monday, February 14, 2011


Align CenterFor Valentines Day I hosted a small party/play date for the kids. Everyone brought a treat to share, the kids played and then got their valentines. They were all so cute. Hunter was at the table most of the time staking out the ranch dip.

It was also the ending party on Taylor's birthday weekend. So those boys that were still at our house decided they would make cards for there moms. Taylor made one for me thanking me for his birthday weekend. Then later told me I had to share it with Brandon when I was rubbing it in Brandon's face lol.

This toy my aunt Page got Hunter and it seemed to be the hit of the party the kids all kept jumping on it and playing with it.

Ryan with his valentines.

Look what we have here.

I love in this photo the boys are sitting there while Elle is trying to clean my floors.

They want upstairs.

Not only does Elle want to clean my floors she wants to babysit Weston. The funny thing is she had one of her moms shoes on but you can't tell in the photo.

When Brandon went home we loaded up the kids, took them to bring Gigi a valentines, and then went to Disneyland. Taylor went bike ridding with his friends all day instead of hanging with us. After Disneyland Brandon and Taylor had to rush to Taylor's hockey game that we forgot about I think he got to play for the last period. That's how late we were. But it was a great day and all that mattered to me is that the kids had a good day.

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