Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patty’s Day


In the morning I made Hunter Green Eggs and Ham to start his morning off. I got the kids matching St. Patrick's Day shirts from Crazy 8. The night before I taped a poster of dinosaurs up that Hunter had floating around. hunter was very pleased to see it up in the am when he got up. Hunter is loving anything dinosaurs right now.  Hunter is also getting his last on his teeth in and Weston has just begun.

After breakfast we headed to the park to meetup with my moms group for a morning potluck brunch. The kids played on the playground, ran in the grass, played in the sand and stopped to snack here and there.

Weston joined us at the park this time sometimes I leave him home with Maggie because he doesn’t seem to do great in loud places. He gets over stimulated easy. My girlfriend gave me the Bjorn carrier to put Weston in which I can have him facing away from me and he loves it. I have the Ergo which I used with Hunter but since I nursed Weston when he is facing me and touch my skin he just wants to nurse.  I am the worst at remembering to bring a hat for the kids so Weston had to borrow one from the girls.



I made two different cupcakes to bring to the potluck brunch.
The top one is Rainbow Cupcakes and the bottom is Green Apple Cupcakes.



After the the park we headed home to get a quick nap in before Judi, Ric and Mike got there. This is the first time that Ric and Mike have gotten to see Weston. So they just scooped him right up actually I don’t think Weston ever got set down when they were here. Thankfully for Nana it was trash day so she got to run Hunter out to see the trucks.

Another thing we were doing this day was making Tamales for Taylor’s Spanish class. Maggie helped teach us how to make them and they were so yummy but we didn’t get to try them till the next day. Maggie came on Friday to help me finish making them. We were able to get them out of the pot with just enough time to run them to the school.

Later that evening we went to Judi’s for dinner and to spend more time with Ric and Mike. Judi made a wonderful dinner like always and the kids enjoyed the time spent there. By the time we left our kids were pooped out and ready to get tucked into bed.

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