Friday, March 11, 2011


Bob and Sandy .....oh yeah and Chloe came to visit Betty. We decided we would stop in to visit them to at Judi and Mike's home.

Bob is Betty's brother and Betty is Hunter and Weston's Gigi(great grand mama). Chloe is Bob and Sandy's dog,Hunter was so happy to meet Chloe and caught on to her name right way. It is amazing how quick he at getting peoples names.

It was so nice to see Bob and Sandy the last time we got to see them was last year for our wedding and things were so crazy it was hard to sit down and chat. We were able to talk to them for a couple hours and get some great photos before they had to head out. Wish we could see them more.

These two photos show how hard it has become to get a photo with the kids or Hunter in them.

This one is not to bad

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