Tuesday, May 17, 2011


My newest thing I have started to take on is sewing. I got the Singer Talent and used it and realized I was not a fan of it. So then I tried a friends machine which was a Brother and loved it. I am getting very craft and having fun with it.

The third thing I did was pajama pants and wow its so easy. Kasie a friend of mine got the same machine, so we got together to sew together. Went buy the pattern the first time then changed it up on the second round to fit our kids better. Kasie made the girl ones and I made the fire engine ones.
This is my second pair the next day made them in under an hour. I changed the elastic size, brought the sides in and shortened them up. All and al they came out great. Hunter has worn them both and told me “thank you momma for my jama”.

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  1. We should totally get together to sew sometime!


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