Friday, May 27, 2011

Snack Bag


Snack Bag Project
My friend Kasie and I got together to make snack bags for the kids to put their snacks instead of using zip lock bags. Now we can have re-usable snack bags that are super easy to wash out.

We picked the fabric out at Jenny’s Fabric and got our Velcro from Joann's (use a 40% off coupon so the Velcro was super cheap). I use oil cloth fabric on the inside and a cotton on the outside. Kasie use oil cloth on the whole thing. You don’t need much fabric I got about 1/4 yard on the oil and 1/2 on the cotton I was able to make 5 snack bags out of what I got.

I think it turned out super cute and Hunter loves using it. I am really please on how this came out and am excited to make more. the hardest part was the Velcro for me got Kasie told me how I could do it easy and it worked. Here is a link to Kasie’s blog to check hers out too.


Anyone want a Goldfish?


  1. LOVE these going to have to attempt to make some for Addi!!

  2. I like your loop stitches! And thanks for the shout out. =) I'm waiting for some boy fabrics to dry in the dryer....or else I'd be sewing right now! haha


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