Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Toddler Talk Tuesday


Man every day I am amazed by the words that come out my sons mouth. His vocabulary is growing by the minute. The things his says sometimes crack me or leave me saying OMG. It also amazes me how he is putting these words into sentences.

Here are some things he said to us this week:

”Momma yummy this taste!” When he was eating dinner
He picked up Maggie’s phone and says “ Yeah Chucks here”
He walked across the house naked to get his potty then was singing ”Momma going pee pee on the potty” then sat down to pee.
When he here fire engines he says “Fire Engine Help people with awes”
He said “want to be “pilot”
Put Wawa(Weston) in swing.
”Feed Wawa” when Weston cries.
Momma milk night night.
Get Honey(which is him).
Momma Wawa tough.
Taylor do homework.
Anyhow my list could go on and on.

Another thing is he has been using action words like running, flying, jumping, hoping, walking, barking, sleeping, sitting and crying and identifies them when they are happening.

He has always been good with learning animals names, sounds and identifying them. He can tell you all the different dinosaurs and even tell you what they might eat. He can tell you all the different tractors and trucks.

One thing he has not been to interested in is colors and in the last two weeks he has been showing more and more interest in them and trying to learn them.

There is one thing they don’t lie about is toddlers are sponges.

This is something I read that I thought was interesting.
A rush of words

Sometime between the ages of 15-24 months, many children experience what researchers call a ‘word spurt’:

  • Around 18 months, many children can say about 50 words. At this age, most children also begin using new words after hearing them only once.
  • Whether children learn words in a rush or more slowly, by the time they reach their second birthday, they’re typically using between 250-350 words.
  • Only six months later, the word total nearly doubles to about 600 words.

Researchers have noted that the words learned during a spurt are often names of objects, though this is not always true, especially in other cultures and languages. But whether the words are names or not, researchers are learning why they suddenly start coming fast when children are about 18 months old.

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  1. He is growing up so fast. I'd say he has hit his word spurt!

  2. I can only imagine how exciting this stage is! I can't wait! PS. your babies' names ate too cute!


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