Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Toddler Talk Tuesday

May 12 I had some ladies over for sewing and Mojitos. When I was cleaning the mint I found a Caterpillar on the mint leaves, so I stuck it in a cup with mint leaves to show Hunter. I thought it would be cool to see if it would change into a butterfly. The next morning I showed him the caterpillar he was all jazzed up cause its a bug but yet looks like a worm. (I wish I would have go more pictures but I really just thought it would die) Anyhow every couple days we would give it new food to eat and Hunter would lay on the counter and watch it when I was cooking. He was so cute he really understood it was going to change some days he would walk around with the cup showing the dogs what he had.

After about a week of eating it spun its cocoon before I could get a stick in there. I was really worried it would die at this point and was concerned since Hunter was excited about the butterfly. On May 29 we came home and checked on it and there it was a MOTH! Yes it was a Moth but is was a very pretty one Hunter didn't care what it was he was excited and wanted to see is fly. He still doesn't get it was a moth and not a butterfly. After Hunter had looked at the moth on the counter I decide to ask him if he was ready to say bye bye and let the moth fly. Yes he said with excitement.

We took it outside and opened up our Butterfly basket and let the Moth fly away. Hunter was saying bye bye Butterfly and waving his little hands in the air.....such a precious moment.

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