Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bath Time with the Boys


Weston’s first time taking a fun bath with his big brother Hunter. Weston was so happy to be in the tub with Hunter. He loved watching Hunter playing.


I just got Weston a seat to sit in since he has out grown the baby bath tub and I don’t feel comfortable with him sitting on his on in the tub. When the seat came I was so excited to see if he would like it and he did. I think it made him feel more like Hunter.


Weston checking out Hunters letters and numbers he was putting up on the wall.



Hunter showing Weston how the fish swims in the water. It was so cute. Hunter would tell Weston I’m a hippo then he would lay in the tub and put his face in half way and blow bubbles. This was like the best thing ever for Weston he just cracked up and then Hunter laughed even hard because Weston thought he was funny.


When the letters would come flout by Weston he would pick them up and play with then. He was also splashing the water with his hands.

Hunter demonstrated how to make a big splash in the water.

At the end Hunter thought he had to check out this seat that Weston was enjoying oh so much.

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