Friday, June 24, 2011

Big Bear

We took a little trip to Big Bear with Brandon’s parents and good family friend Debra , this year was our second time going. We had so much fun up there, it is always nice to get away to some where nice and quiet. It makes me think it would be nice to move to a quiet place but then your remember everything that Orange County has to offer to do and it makes it hard to image your life some where else.

While we where there we all went fishing, this was Hunter’s first time fishing. We did not put a hook on his pole being that he was a little crazy with it wiping it around all over the place. Brandon had fun helping Hunter but it definitely was a challenge teaching a 2 year old to fish on the dock. Maybe not a great idea on the dock.




Taylor spent most of the trip on the dock trying to fish. He would set his alarm at 5:30 in the am and he would be down there at 6am and wouldn’t come up till dinner or a little break. He was determined to catch fish. I think he caught a total of 5 and kept 3 of them. The first fish he caught was a catfish and then he only caught trout. When was down there with Taylor I caught one fish. So we left Big Bear with 4 trout and Taylor requested that we make them for dinner when we got home.


Taylor laying on the bench on the dock waiting for the fish to bite.

Taylor with his Catfish and then the Trout.


We also went swimming the kids had so much fun. We went every night and that was Weston’s first time and of coarse I forgot my camera in the room and realized it after we had already gotten in the pool. Having the little guys in the pool really made us want to put them into swimming lessons. Weston love the water and Hunter really wanted to swim.


Took Hunter on a walk to feed the ducks and we also found a bush filled with Lady Bugs. In the first picture it Hunter holding a leaf with a lady bug on it.


One of the days we were there we took the kids to the Zoo. Taylor didn’t want to join us because he said the moment I leave this dock the fish our going to bite. lol. Brandon and his dad went golfing so they met us at the zoo. They had lots of animals. The most amazing ones in my opinion was the wolves, Bald eagle, and snow owl. Maybe because I have never been so close to them. The deer was amazing to it came right up to the fence and we all got to touch the nose. We got to see them feed the bobcats, raccoons, eagles and bears. The zoo keepers got right in the cages to feed all the animals except the bear its was so cool to see how close they could get and touch these animals and they didn’t care.






We had a wonderful time in Big Bear and look forward to going up there again.


And yes I did make the trout for dinner when we got home. The boys all ate it and I had a little taste. Not sure if Taylor will want to eat it able but I am sure he will love to fish more.

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