Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WaWa Wednesday

Lately I find myself trying to keep Weston down. Seriously what is up with this kid. He wants to walk like no tomorrow and its not long before he does. Every chance he gets he is standing, he will even use the wall to pull himself up with. You can not leave him in a room by himself on the ground this boy can not be trusted to stay on all fours. Even if you stick him in the middle of the room with nothing around he just crawls over to what he wants and gets right in it or on it. I know your thinking didn’t this happen with Hunter and Nope. Hunter was not mobile till he was about 8.5 months he crawled for no more then a 3 weeks then walked and he was a very slow crawler too. Unlike Weston who just another old Speedy Gonzales. The other day Weston kept climbing on something Brandon and I kept pulling Weston down and way, he just kept on going. Then finally Hunter came over after watching us pull Weston away many times, Weston then did it again and Hunter just grabbed Weston’s leg said no and tried to pull him away. It just cracked me up that Hunter was like let me try this.

Steady does it!

Sweet now time to focus on staying balanced.


Oh I got this now a quick smile to show my mom what she’s working with.

After I got this last photo I had to put the camera down to make sure Weston didn’t fall. When then climbed up the step to hold on to the gate. Hunter better watch out because Weston is going to give him run for his money.

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