Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weston is 6 Months

6 months can you believe the time has past by so quick. The time has gone by so much quicker with Weston then with Hunter. Not to mention the fact that Weston is hitting mile stones much quicker then Hunter did.

Milestones Weston has hit are passes objects from hand to hand, lunges forward, crawls, sits up on his own, jabbers, drags objects toward him, turns toward sounds and voices, imitates sounds, rolls over, turn towards new sounds, can grasp a toy, smiles and laughs, in both directions, recognizes own name,can bear weight on legs, saying Momma and Dada (Dada is the favorite word) and eating solids.

Two big Milestones in the last month
Crawling at 5 1/2 months
Pulling himself up into stand position 6 months

Weston weighs 17.5lbs

Weston has started teething and we are just waiting for the teeth to come through, it looks like 2 will be arriving shortly on the bottom.

Hunter and Weston together can be very cute but its all on Hunters terms. Weston looks up to his brother so much already. Nobody can make Weston laugh as hard as Hunter can. Its really cute to see them together and make you feel so excited to watch them keep growing together.

Weston and his favorite toy.

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