Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2 Day at Gymnastics

Took Hunter to his 2nd day at gymnastics, this time he was the only kid in the class. So he was able to try everything to the fullest and be the only focus. The only thing was he got board quick the instructor wasn't able to intrigue he at all. She was basically flying by the seat of her pants. I thought it showed something we the class was completely full it was crazy kids ran wild and the when it was one class she still couldn't manage it but oh well. Hunter had a good time for the first 20 minutes then was telling me he wanted to go and he was all done. I kept pushing him to stay.

IMG 0443

Standing and waiting so he could run across the room.

IMG 0442

Yep this is what Hunter loves to do jump and be daring.

IMG 0453

Hunter was hopping like a frog across the room.

IMG 0458

Running across the trampoline.

IMG 0466

IMG 0473

Hanging like a monkey on the bar.

IMG 0476

Checking his balance out.

IMG 0477

Hanging from the high bar.

IMG 0479

Taking a jump off the balance beam.

IMG 0480

IMG 0486

No the big kids trampoline.

IMG 0487

The last thing he did was walk across the big balance beam.

This was the last class we went to they ended up canceling the class so now I need to look for Hunter to start in something else. In the end the class wasn't a great fit for him, hopefully the next class will be different.

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