Monday, July 18, 2011

4 toddlers and a little baby

So couple of weeks ago I had 2 friends that need help on the same day. So I said what the hell bring them all over. I ended up with 4 toddlers and little baby Weston. Not even sure how describe my day. It wasn't bad but it just went to quick.

IMG 0260

First they all watched shows and played.

IMG 0261

IMG 0262

Oh yes I did I managed to get the all to the park. I love this picture with them all on the swings the girls are all right next to each other and then Hunter is like 2 swings down.

IMG 0266

Slide Races who can get up the fasted.

IMG 0267

IMG 0270

IMG 0272

IMG 0273

Elle's like I am a pro at this and Hunter really focusing on the with his eyes close and he even looks like he might be holding his breath.

IMG 0277

They shared there moms belly , so I guess they just don't get cramped. Watch out they are twice the speed.

IMG 0278

Elle in her wagon waiting for a ride.

IMG 0281

Romo to the to save the day.

IMG 0282

Yep and this is what boys do when the girls take over.

IMG 0283

IMG 0286

Hunter serving Elle Gold Fish.

IMG 0285

Weston managed to get some sleep during all this....amazing!

IMG 0288

IMG 0290

IMG 0292

IMG 0296

All the kids playing in the tool shed.

IMG 0298

IMG 0299

IMG 0301

Hunter giving all the girls hugs what a little ladies man.

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  1. Welcome to my world!! It's fun yet extremely tiring, haha!! I just wish I had a beautiful backyard like you and then i'd be all set over here!!


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