Wednesday, July 06, 2011

4th of July Part 2– Pool

After we got home from the parade then we started to make our homemade ice cream. We actually made 2 kinds one was a Tropical Sorbet with pineapple, strawberries, bananas, fresh squeezed orange juice, sugar, lime and dark rum, the other was a Orange Cream Popsicle with orange zest, fresh squeezed orange juice, cream, sugar and orange liquor. Both turn out so yummy.  We even used the oranges off our tree to juice.

Kasie and Elle came over to help us with the ice cream. Kasie left and Elle stayed with us to go swimming and let me just say the kids had a blast. Kasie was really worried about leaving Elle fearing 2 toddlers and a baby in the pool for us would be to much for us. I think I have never mention to Kasie or any of my friends out here in CA that at I use  to teach toddlers how to ski. I  would take 5 –7 toddlers to the top of a ski slop and teach them to ski down. So really taking an extra kid in the pool wouldn’t/ shouldn’t be so bad right. Well it wasn’t at all, Weston ended up sleeping the whole time and the kids played played played. They had so much fun. We were at my neighbors house swimming and they just kept jumping in the pool over and over. It was so funny cause our neighbors know how daring Hunter can be. So they were shocked to tiny little Elle keeping right up with him. Nothing was to scary for her. Really if you see the two of them together they are really funny and a good little show. They just feed off each other they are literally 2 peas in a pod.


Okay so if you have a toddler and take them to the pool you need one of these floaty things. Must have item it’s a SwimWays Spring Float. It is really for people to lounge but works much better for kids to jump on or float in the water when they don’t want to put there legs through the holes of the other ones.


I would hold it and they would jump in to it.



Here is a shot of them just floating in the water in it.



Dare Devil Elle jumping off the diving board.  More More More she said.


Hunter was so happy when Brandon stuck him on the dolphin it was to cute.



Elle’s turn.



Dare Devil Hunter jumping off and see Elle standing in line for more.

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