Wednesday, July 06, 2011

4th of July–Part 1 Parade

This year for the 4th we decided to go to the parade in the morning. So we thought we would rollerblade there. It was a great work out. My first time going up and down a huge hill on rollerblades but I made it. Once we got to where we were going to watch we went and got smoothies. The parade was good it wasn’t great there were lots of pauses which was weird but the boys enjoyed it. We didn’t end up watching the whole paraded because of all the pauses. When we left to head home we decided we would pick stuff up to make homemade ice cream since it was such a hot day. Here are some pictures from the parade. Keep an eye out for the other parts of our 4th of July day.


Hunter helping Brandon fix his skates before we left.


Hunter and I waiting for the parade to start. I was amazed that Hunter left his hat on his head. He normally always takes it off but I told him that if he wanted to be out of the stroller he had to wear it because he didn’t want to get a sun burn.


Hunter would not look in the picture with Brandon he was more interested in his blueberry muffin.


I love this photo again it is so hard to get everyone looking, happy, and eyes opened.


Hunter and I watching the parade. I was so cute he was clapping and waving to everyone that passed.


One of his favorite things.




Planes flew over like 4 times which Hunter was stoke about.



Tractors another thing the boys loved to watch.


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