Sunday, July 31, 2011

Elle’s Birthday Party



Took the kids to Elle’s birthday party at Goat Hill Junction. Goat Hill Junction was located in Costa Mesa where the kids can ride on a little train. This place is only open to the public once a month of free rides but other then that you can rent the spot for parties.  Brandon had said that he had been there once when he was little.



The kids had a blast on the the train, I think Hunter could have road it all day and the train ride put Weston to sleep.


Kasie had set up an area for the kids to make Fruit Loop Necklaces. The kids needed help from from the adults but it was a nice little thing to keep them entertained when they were not on the train.



Kids with there Fruit Loop Necklaces.

This was a prefect idea for a birthday place the kids were entertained the whole time and now every time I drive in the area by Goat Hill Junction Hunter yells train in the car.

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