Sunday, July 17, 2011

Soak City

IMG 0418

Hunter and I went to Soak City. We floated in the easy river, ate snacks, went down slides and played in the water. We had ourselves a great times.

IMG 0420

Hunter in the kiddie area. He was so cute running in and out, then when he would get in the deeper part he would lay on his belly and pull himself across the floor using his arms.

IMG 0421

Trying to get a quick photo of us and he's not looking hmmmm..........

IMG 0425

Got it? Told him to make a silly face and he is smiling and looking at the camera this = a very Happy Momma.

IMG 0429

Hunter on a mission to go to the bigger kids area of coarse.

IMG 0431

This kid has no fear.

IMG 0432

Well I guess he had a change of heart. Now let watch what happens.

IMG 0433

Bucket at the top fills up with water.

IMG 0434

Then pours out everywhere good thing he had a change of heart.

IMG 0436

This was such a special day we got to hang with just the two of us and Hunter was so cute when we were floating in the lazy river he looks at me and says I lovey Momma. It was just so cute. I really want to take him back to here because he such a great time.

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