Thursday, September 15, 2011

Church Park Play




My friend Melanie hand told me about the Mariners Church Play area and how awesome it is. I must say it really was lots of things to keep these kids busy. Lots of big things to climb, so if you have little ones that aren’t yet climbing that part is not for you. The ship had a nice shady area in it that we laid a blanket out and had our lunch in there.



After lunch the kids ran over to play on the splash pad they have. One thing is keep the kids shoes one when it gets wet its slippery.




Next up was a whale they can crawl into the whales month and play on the tongue  which is a slide. The kids stayed at this part for a while playing on the slide and is a slide on both sides.



After the whale it was off to the playground that they had fenced in and divided out for ages. Of coarse the kids played at both. They really enjoyed playing on everything here. Very nice place to take the kids to play.



I thought this photo was funny looks like Melanie is going to catch her little girl. hehe

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