Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Bug Invasion


Hunter and I met up with Christina and her sons Mason and Dustin at the Discovery Science Center to go to the Bug Invasion. I have tried to take Hunter to this place many times but it is always so crazy this day was not thank god!

The boys had a blast checking out all the exhibits. So I got to really read and some I didn’t being that the toddlers love to zoom through most things. Hunter is it to bugs right now so of coarse he was very interested.


IMG_3939 - CopyIMG_3942 - Copy

Hunter and I laying on a bed of nails. The nails poke through the holes and rise up a good amount and then the go back down. It did hurt but felt very different.


The boys checking out the buds through the microscope.



This display was a 3rd display so I tried to capture it by putting the glasses over my lens of my camera. Did so so.


Say cheese please!


Dustin and Hunter in the Earthquake simulator. Dustin was so cute he kept pressing the buttons over and over so I think we were in a 30 minute earthquake.


Dino Time



The boys working on the Stegosaur puzzle.



Oh Gravity I think they know this oh so well. lol


The garage mock up. The kids got to scan and figure out what items are in your garage and what could be harmful. IMG_4043IMG_4047

Scan till you drop. They got to get the grocery cart which was heavy to push so a mommy or daddy is needed. The screen gave them a list of items that they had to get. Then they go to go around and scan the items.


Hunter loved the donuts and had to stop and ask for some. lol



Hunter’s Heaven!


The trash was on a conveyer belt and went through the trash truck. When it came out of the trash truck the boys got to separate it into the categories. For example they had to get all green waste and put it on the star on the trash can and then put it in the hole in the can. It was almost a race to see who could scan and sort through the trash the quickest and well Hunter won.


Making balls.


And Hockey of coarse!

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