Thursday, March 08, 2012

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day the day of love or Hallmark. Well this year I have been trying to think of something new and different to do. So I got all the boys chocolate and a little gift. Then I got balloons, each boy got one balloon and Brandon got 3 1 for every child we have. I tied a note to the string of the balloon. In the note I put either a memory or something I love about them. I really enjoyed this and thought it turned out really great. Those boys all seemed to really like it.

The boys made sure to not forget me too. I got luck and chocolate cover strawberries and two vases full of flowers one from Taylor and the other Brandon. After spending time with the kids Brandon and I headed out to have dinner. To change things up this year we decided to go where there were a bunch of food truck and chow down there. It was a prefect night.



The little guys opening there gifts.



Taylor opening his box of chocolates


Hunter got a ray gun and Weston got a car.



Brandon reading his notes.


And Taylor reading his notes.

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