Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Bouncy Egg

Stuff you will need vinegar, jar and egg.

Website I saw the Bouncy Egg project on. 

Fill the jar up almost all the way. Hunter got to pour the vinegar in the jar and did really good. He didn't even slip any of it anywhere. 

Weston poured his jar full too, but with help from me. So I could take a picture. 

Placed our lid on the jar. 

Now we checked it out. 

Weston wanted to keep putting the lid on and off it was cute. 

Tick tock!

Eggs on the counter now we wait two days. 

The eggs changed color cause there was no shell anymore and they got about 30% bigger after the two days.

Hunter pulling his egg out and washing it. 

Cheese while you hold the egg. 

Sorry this pictured blurred he was showing me his egg.

Weston decide to throw his egg in the sink which popped it. So the egg will bounce but I would only do it from about 6 inches high. 

The shell of an egg is made of calcium carbonate.  When you place the egg into the vinegar, you see bubbles, which is the chemical reaction of the acid in the vinegar reacting with the calcium carbonate to produce carbon dioxide.  You’ll also notice that the egg gets larger as it sits in the vinegar.  That is because some of the vinegar is absorbed in the egg through its semi-permeable membrane!

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