Friday, June 01, 2012

Mothers Day Craft for Nana

Normally for Mothers Day I always by something for a gift but this year I thought the boys are old enough to do there on craft. So I brain stormed to come up with ideas and I really had a bunch but I thought this one would be prefect since Judi loves plants and gardening.  The kids painted pots and painted flowers in them. 

The boys painted there pots blue  and they actually did a pretty good job. 

 Brandon helped Weston out when he needed help. 

 Hunter was good all on his own. 

Boys all working hard. 

Weston taking a moment to goof off. 

Okay after pots were painted all blue it was time to let them dry while the boys to a little nap.

After naps I tore up paper and they got to glue them on to the pots.

Then once the glue dried then I did a coat of glue all over it. Hunter wanted to add glitter to his too. 

Hunter's pot for Nana.

And Weston's pot, the boys even picked out the flowers to plant in the pots. 

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