Sunday, June 17, 2012

Taylor 8th Grade Dance

Taylor had his 8th Grade Dance.  This was his suit he had from a while ago. It fit him 2 years ago. This really shows how much he has grown. This year he has grown the most. Brandon colored some chest hair on his chest as a joke. 

So I took him to get some clothes, he wanted black slacks, blue shirt, bow tie and spenders. Let me just say I took Taylor with both boys and it was an eventful trip to the store, never a dull moment.

Taylor and his friend Sean. 

The day of the dance Taylor had one of his friends come over to get ready. Let me just say the smell of cologne was pretty intense on the driver to the dance. 

This was the whole group of kids that got together to take photos.

Taylor with some of his buddies. 

All the boys in a group photo.

His dance started at 6:30 and went to 10:0pm. It was a Mardi Gra theme, with a casino room. Taylor said it was a lot of fun but super hot inside. I know he wasn't joking because when I went there I could feel the heat coming out of the building.    

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