Friday, July 20, 2012

Pictures From the Miller Quick Stop

Little Bodi

Weston playing cars. 

Bodi playing with the dino.

Time to unload the outside toy chest. 

Weston pushing the car. 

Slide time.

Upgrading to the big slide. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

4th of July 2012

For the 4th of July we spent the day at Mike and Lisa's home. There neighbor had a 4th of July block party. So we were at the park for a little while then back to Mike and Lisa's where we ate, swam and did fireworks. 

The boys trying to steal the golf cart. I know already they kept running back to get on the golf cart and going through all the peoples stuff. 

Hurry hope in the wagon going back swim. The boys kept screaming cheese ahh the whole way back to the house. 

Jackson got his own ride. 

Mike pulling all the kids back. 

Hurry sit down for fireworks. 


The kids all zoning in on the fire works. 

Maybe Jake is board. 

Watching the show. 

Weston and Brandon

Family pic before the nights over. Hunter fell asleep. 

Weston hanging in strong. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hailey Elizabeth

Well we are so excited to welcome little Hailey Elizabeth into our lives. She was born on Monday at 5:32am. Hailey's birth weight was 7.5lbs and length is 19.5 inches long. 

I had a pretty easy deliver with her it was about 5 1/2 hours long. We got to bring her home after one day which was nice to be in the comfort of our home and with the boys. 

Hunter with Hailey is so sweet a much different experience then with bring home Weston.  Hunter wanted to show her all his toys and then told her which ones she could play with. Then asked us a number of questions of what she could do. Then told us her feet are so tiny.

Yesterday on  his walk around the block he informed the neighbor of her name and that she is a girl. He is so cute this morning when he woke up he came and said wheres baby Hailey Elizabeth? I want to kiss her. Its really so cute and I am so happy with how he has been with her.

Weston and Hailey well i was worried about how Weston would do but he is doing great with her to. When he sees her he goes OH Baby. He gets concerned when she makes noise and if she cries then he comes to check her out. He even says Hailey.

Nana Shirley and Aunt Dianne with Hailey

                                        Nana and Papa Taylor with their first grand daughter. 

Taylor and Hailey well of coarse he is awesome with her. He is so great with all the kids. He did tell us she is good looking cause she takes after him.

Hailey at her first doctors appointment her weight dropped to 6.11 lbs. Everything looked good but we had to take her to get some blood test to check her bilirubin levels. 

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