Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beach Day

We have been having so nice hot weather so the beach was in order. Got together with some friends and took the kids to the beach. We were there a total of 7 fun hours. The kids all seemed to have a blast. 

Got the boys this toy and they seem to really like it. 

Austin playing in the sand with all the toys. 

That sweet little smile.

Say Cheese! 

Hurry look at the bird behind me. 

3's not a crowd.

Dean and I before he left to take a nap.

 Mommy and her boys.


Look at the big one Nikki found.

Look mommy

Kids running around.

Weston digging the water. 

Come on guys.

Hurry a wave run. 

Weston loving the water out. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weston my Super Shopper

 Last week I took Weston to the store. We grabbed one of the little carts which he loves. The little helper did such a good job. 

Every now and then I would have to remind him to look up and stop looking at his shoes.

Before we checked out we ran over to the bakery to get a cookie for doing great job. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Awesome Wood Work

About 2 months ago I blogged about Father's day and the kids getting Mike wood. Well Mike made us a couple things out of the wood. 

Here is a link to the Austin's Hardwood Father's Day Blog.

Out of the Hunter's Wood Mike made a wine top. 

Out of Weston's wood  Mike made a bowl.

Below are a couple other thing Mike has made for us. 

Truck for the kids.

Knife and server he made for our wedding.

Ice Scream Scooper 

Wine Top

Cutting Board

Monday, August 27, 2012

Grandpa Rick and Grandma Tracy

My parents came to stay with us for a couple days. It was a nice visit, the kids had so much fun with them. Thought I would share photos with them and the kids that we took before they left. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bubble Guns

Bubble guns are a big hit around our house, the kids go nuts for them. We have gone through a bunch. Since they get dropped and put in the sand sometimes they end up not working so great. The best ones we have got are from the fair. So this year we made sure to pick up 2 the boys where so happy. The fair ones have light and nose plus the bubbles come out like crazy. 

I gave them to the boys and then ran out with my camera to get some photos. 

One other thing the boys love about them is Chuck chases the bubbles and the cats go crazy in the cage for them. I love the guns too cause its a good hour of fun for them.

Ahhh.....Hurry run mommy is under attack. 

Love this photo os Weston. I feel like he is really starting to look like a little boy. 

Love this photo. 

Bubbles everywhere. 

Run Weston Run

Hunter in a sea of bubbles.

Popping bubbles.

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