Sunday, September 23, 2012

Endeavour Space Shuttle

Delivering the retired shuttle Endeavour to its permanent home here in California. The space shuttle road pigging back on a Boeing 747 from Florida to California. Crossing Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico, it also flew to San Francisco and Sacramento flying over landmarks. Also it flew over landmarks in LA and Orange County. One place it flew over was Boeing who had helped in building the shuttle. I took the kids to Boeing to watch the shuttle fly over. The boys were so excited.  I showed them a picture and told them about it so they would know what they are looking for.  While we waited for the shuttle to come we played I  Spy and read books. They kept asking me when it was going to fly by. Hunter was asking if aliens were going to be on it where he got that from I am not sure but it did make me laugh. Hunter wanted to ride on it and Weston wanted to chase it down. When I loaded the boys up after they were talking to me about how they were lucky to see it and it was so big. Definitely glad they got to see it.  Ill have to take them to the museum it will be at once it is settled in.   

Here is comes. 

It was so close I think they said it was only 1500 feet up.  

 These are all photos I got with my camera. 

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