Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Day of Preschool

First day of preschool 

We had french toast, sausage and then Brandon picked oranges from the tree with the kids so we could fresh squeezed orange juice. Then we were off to get ready to go. I thought it would fun to rollerblade him there in the stroller since he loves that so much. Brandon meet us there since he had to go to work. 

Hunter did so well when we got there. he walked around to check everything out and then just jumped right in. I was so happy. When I a was leaving I told him bye and that I would pick him up at 12, I was super happy cause he didn't even shed a tear. 

Hunter carrying his bucket in. 

Hunter with his teacher. 

They are going to make necklaces. 

Washing hands  

Playdough all setup. 

Water and soap station. 

He was so excited everything was setup to paint and was like oh there's red it my favorite. 

Hunter asked if he could paint then was like watch I can make an H. 

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