Thursday, October 03, 2013

Painting and Vino Round 3 Dawn Patrol

Instructors paintings

Here is a look at round 3 Painting and Vino, with Judi and Meggan.  The class was back at Mozambique Restaurant in Laguna Beach. This time I felt like the food was better, and I even managed to eat it all in the class, which is a first.  I also got there a little earlier so I was able to get an awesome seat with a great view of the instructors painting.  One thing that was funny was every time I have gone I have had the same instructor,  CoralynnShe is super friendly and does a great job of teaching the step by step instructions.  This classes picture was called "Dawn Patrol."

Here is a shot of what the room looks like when you get there. 

The instructors spot and mine. 

Every time they say careful of what drink you drink. 

I tried to take more pictures of each of the different steps. 

After putting in the black, yellow in the center we added the sun with more yellow for the light in the water.

Judi, Meggan and I 

Time to add the blues, we started with a light blue, then went darker and darker. 

After all my blues, then it was time for a little black and some trees. 

Now I added a light green, I was going back and forth if I wanted to add the green. I love the effect the green has and am super happy I added it. 

My painting plate at the end. 

After I added the green I went back and added a little white.  This is my finished piece.  I really love the way this painting came out, which is funny because out of the three classes I signed up for this was my least favorite picture.

Group shot

Meggan, Judi and I.  If you look close Meggan did a lifeguard tower that came out great. When she brought it up I thought it was a great idea but I was to nervous to try. 

I have really enjoyed doing this class and would like to keep doing it but not sure were I would keep all the paintings. The kids have also liked the paintings and have commented every time one comes home. This class has been such a fun experience and a great thing to do with friends and family. If you live in the area I would highly suggest giving it a try.  

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Back to School for Sewing

Threading the bobbin

About 2 months backs a friend of mine asked if I would be interesting in taking a sewing class, she would host this class at her home. Our teacher, Darcie, actually teachers kids that are home schooled in the local area.  There are 5 gals in this semi-private 4 hour class. 

Word search to start, then went over all the words.

We are starting from the basics which is good since the last time I was in a sewing class was Mrs. Singleton's Home Economics class in 8th grade. A couple years back I bought a machine.  I have sewn a few things, but have gotten a little scared off by things I didn't know. Also it is hard for me to sew being that I feel like I need a good spot to set up.  Now that the boys are in school some days maybe I can get my sewing on. 

Time to sew our samples. 

First Sample was sew a plain seam. 

Second Sample was to sew a plain seam with a zigzagged seam to finish it off. I did this twice, I felt like my first wasn't good enough. 

 This was our sixth sample which was to sew a corner.  I also realized I would like pinking sheers  because the strings/fringe on the fabric drive me crazy. 

Now on to a narrow hem.  At first I made my fold a little big but I fixed it. One thing I am learning about sewing is that it is  precise and you need to be patient.

Here are my samples. Next week we will be starting our aprons. 

Here are some other sewing projects I did Getting Biby and Snack Bag.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Spinach and Pomegranate Salad

1 bag Spinach
1 Pomegranate 
1 small Red Onion
Gorgonzola Cheese
1/2 Sliced Almonds or Candied Pecans
Rassberry Vingarate Dressing 

First chop up your red onion.  

Second cup open your pomegranate and pull the seeds out. 

Third place your cleaned spinach in a bowl. After add red onions, pomegranate seeds, almonds or pecans and a handful of your gorgonzola cheese into the bowl of spinach.

If you prefer no dressing thats fine, the pomegranate seeds are so juicy. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Painting and Vino Round 2 Van Gogh "Almond Branches"

Instructors painting

Here is a look at round 2 Painting and Vino with Kasie. I was really looking forward to this class for 2 reasons.  For one it was one of the paintings I really like, and two it was at Mama's 39 which I love because they have great food there.  The painting we were recreating was Van Gogh's Almond Blossom.  This class picture was called Van Gogh "Almond Branches".

or 2 reasons.  For one it was one of the paintings I really like, and two it was at Mama's 39 which I love because they have great food there.  The painting we were recreating was Van Gogh's Almond Blossom.  This class picture was called Van Gogh "Almond Branches.

The first step was painting our back ground, then we added the branches. I was working so hard on the blending not knowing we would really be covering it up. 

After we had the branches we went in and darkened one side of the back ground. I totally fell behind on this step and had to work fast on catching up. As you can see I had half done and Kasie had hers done. 

When I caught up I added yellow highlighting and brown along with lines to look like bark. 

My hands some how always end up with so much paint on them.  At this point our instructor was teaching us how to do the blossoms. 

Finished piece, I thought. 

Kasie and I with our paintings. 

We thought it would be  good to get a photo of all the paintings together Left to right: instructors painting she painted with us, instructors painting she painted before,  Kasie's and mine. 

Mine painting is on the bottom. 

Well, after having ours up there we realized we needed to add  more blossoms. One side 
note; we realized painting seems to be easier when standing.

Picture that the instructor got

Make sure to check out Painting and Vino Round 1 if you missed it. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Spider Time

Brandon came home from work the other day he saw and pointed out a huge spider spinning his web off the second story of the house. 

Well I hate spiders so I asked Brandon to get the ladder out so I could go get the spider. First I thought I would smash it but then I thought the kids might like to see it so I grabbed a jar. 

 Let me just say once I climbed up on the roof of our house and got closer to the spider catching it din't sound so fun. Like what the heck am I going to do if it somehow this spider crawls on me not really think about the fact that I could slip and fall off the roof of the house.  Well at this point I wasn't going to back down I was 2 feet away from this giant spider and Hunter, Hailey and Brandon were watching me. I took a deep breath and went in to catch it thankfully it didn't crawl on me and there was not problems catching it.

Hunter and Hailey got to check the spider out when I got down, Weston was still sleeping. 

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