Monday, September 30, 2013

Painting and Vino Round 2 Van Gogh "Almond Branches"

Instructors painting

Here is a look at round 2 Painting and Vino with Kasie. I was really looking forward to this class for 2 reasons.  For one it was one of the paintings I really like, and two it was at Mama's 39 which I love because they have great food there.  The painting we were recreating was Van Gogh's Almond Blossom.  This class picture was called Van Gogh "Almond Branches".

or 2 reasons.  For one it was one of the paintings I really like, and two it was at Mama's 39 which I love because they have great food there.  The painting we were recreating was Van Gogh's Almond Blossom.  This class picture was called Van Gogh "Almond Branches.

The first step was painting our back ground, then we added the branches. I was working so hard on the blending not knowing we would really be covering it up. 

After we had the branches we went in and darkened one side of the back ground. I totally fell behind on this step and had to work fast on catching up. As you can see I had half done and Kasie had hers done. 

When I caught up I added yellow highlighting and brown along with lines to look like bark. 

My hands some how always end up with so much paint on them.  At this point our instructor was teaching us how to do the blossoms. 

Finished piece, I thought. 

Kasie and I with our paintings. 

We thought it would be  good to get a photo of all the paintings together Left to right: instructors painting she painted with us, instructors painting she painted before,  Kasie's and mine. 

Mine painting is on the bottom. 

Well, after having ours up there we realized we needed to add  more blossoms. One side 
note; we realized painting seems to be easier when standing.

Picture that the instructor got

Make sure to check out Painting and Vino Round 1 if you missed it. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Spider Time

Brandon came home from work the other day he saw and pointed out a huge spider spinning his web off the second story of the house. 

Well I hate spiders so I asked Brandon to get the ladder out so I could go get the spider. First I thought I would smash it but then I thought the kids might like to see it so I grabbed a jar. 

 Let me just say once I climbed up on the roof of our house and got closer to the spider catching it din't sound so fun. Like what the heck am I going to do if it somehow this spider crawls on me not really think about the fact that I could slip and fall off the roof of the house.  Well at this point I wasn't going to back down I was 2 feet away from this giant spider and Hunter, Hailey and Brandon were watching me. I took a deep breath and went in to catch it thankfully it didn't crawl on me and there was not problems catching it.

Hunter and Hailey got to check the spider out when I got down, Weston was still sleeping. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Succulents with a Friend

This last weekend my friend came over to learn/try to plant some succulents. I have told her many times succulents are lower maintenance plant and her brown thumb would have a better shot. We ran to Lowes and Home Depot to get some plants while the hubby watch her daughter and our kids. 

Not sure what you would call this but I have had it in my house for 5 years, before I stuck fake flowers in it and it was placed in the hallway. It no longer had the flowers because the kids have pulled them out and ran off with them. After putting them back many time I decided that I would trash them. So now this thing has sat empty, I thought why not feel it with succulents. 

I used a total of 13 plants, some cactus soil and fake moss. 

I put a little cactus soil in first and started to place my plants in, after I had all the plants in I use moss for the support and to give it a nicer touch. 

Here is my finished project. I love the way it turned out, now I need a place to put it. 

Remember you don't have to always plant in pots look out side the box there are some many things around that would make great containers for plants. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Painting and Vino Round 1 Cherry Blossoms

A couple months back my friend went to a Painting and Vino night. I thought this sounded like sure fun and it was right up my alley so sign me up!  Better yet, Groupon was running a deal the price for the class was $22 bucks. 

This is a picture of the painting we were going off of. 

So here is the deal, they host it at a restaurant and you can eat and drink whatever you want (food and drinks not included) while you paint.  Ours was hosted at Mozambique Restaurant in Laguna Beach.  The class runs for 3 hours. The instructor takes you step by step each way so make sure you brought your good listening ears. 

Joy and I went to this class and I say this one because I will be going 3 times this week. lol We order a craft of Sangria and a couple appetizers. I thought the food was so so but oh well we were her to paint. 


When you get there everything is set up for you which was really nice and at the end you don't even have to clean up really  which makes it even nicer. 

I didn't take a bunch of pictures of the steps since I was really having to listen well. This was was probably after about 20 steps. It defiantly a lot so steps with all the blending you do. 

Joy painting along. 

Almost done, we had to stop for about 10 minutes to let the paint dry before starting the tree. Look how crazy messy my plate was it was bothering me so I ask for another one she said no though. 

This is my finished product. I was super happy with the out come. Doing the tree I was super stress because I didn't want to mess it up. (first picture of this blog is the one we were copying off of)

Joy and I with our paintings. I had a lot of fun this is something I would recommend to do with friend or friends. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Meal Planning

Oh its 4:00pm hmmm.......Whats for dinner? 

How many of you do this because I know I do. I'm defiantly somebody that does this if I don't have a plan.  Which then leads to us eating out or takeout.  This summer I started to plan meals. First thing I did was go into my kitchen and look through everything I have and checking the dates on everything. Then open the freezer  to see what meat was stored in there. I then made a commitment to use up everything I had before buying more food. I planned 10 meals seriously 10 meals thats crazy. I wouldn't have ever thought that I had anything in there to pull to together one meal. Now I started to meal plan for the month. I write a meal for every night on the calendar, sometimes switch it up depending on my mood and what sounds good but it works cause I have most the stuff I need for it (just flip flop the meals). 

My steps on this process are:

First: Check what I have. 

Second: Make a calendar. Make sure you have your house activities calendar with you. Pick easy things like crock pot stuff on nights you have a lot of stuff going on. Also think about some kind of meat you can make once but a large amount to use for 2 nights example shredded chicken great for tacos one night, then 3 nights later great for enchiladas. 

Third: Add your meals into your calendar on your phone or computer. Set it up to remind you at 3pm or 4pm (what ever time really works) that way you can get your booty in gear for dinner to be ready at a decent hour. I also set a remind to go off in the am to pull meat out of the freezer so it can thaw.

Fourth: Pull all your recipes and make a list of everything. Check for your spices and condiments.

Fifth: Now you have a shopping list, off to the store you go. 

Once a month I go to Costco to get meat and for dry goods. I do Costco plus the grocery store. Then once a week I do produce at the grocery store but I would like to get that delivered to me so I am looking into that. One other thing I do is every time I go to the store I always check the meat if there are any good deals I will buy it and freeze it. I will also check on other things that I frequently use.  There are times where I have to run to the store because I have forgotten something or the produce spoiled. Plus the kids will want something which is almost always. 

Meal planning seems to work well in our home since we are running a very busy house hold with 4 kids especially with school and activities. The only down fall is me on lazy days or when this mommy has be run ragged by the kids all day.  

Keep an eye out I will post a week of meals on my blog which will include a shopping list and all the recipes you will need. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Picture Frame Succulents

Let me just start with I am super excited to show you all my succulent art. 

For some time now I have wanted to make a picture frame filled with succulents. Well I finely decided it was time to give it a shot. 

All my succulents I got from Home Depot and the Village Nurseries Landscape Center.  I took all the kids to help me pick them out. 

This is my frame - it is a shadow box or possibly a tray since there was no glass. I got it from TJ Max for $29.99.  I used a mallet to get the backing off by hitting around the framing of it. Super easy and not much force is needed. 

Once that was done I pulled out any nails because I would be nailing it back in with new nails. 

Then I measured the inside to see how big I needed to cut the chicken wire. You can get this from Home Depot or any other hardware store. 

Getting the chicken wire in was the biggest pain in the butt.  Once I had the wire where I wanted it I used a staple gun to secure it. Make sure to get staples that are the right size -  you don't want them poking through the front of your frame. Next I nailed the backing back on to the frame.

After I had the frame part finished it was on to the plants. Pulling them out of the planters and separating them one by one making sure to be extra carefully on not tearing the roots apart.

I use Cactus Mix soil.

 Then you pour your soil in all over, fill it up.

Once you have all this done the fun part begins - you get to do the planting.

This is my finished project! I love it. 

I stood it up to get a good photo of it but I have to lay it down for at least 4 weeks while the roots work their magic.  I'll make sure to update when I stand it up.  It is extremely heavy so hopefully my hubby can hang it securely from the wall, if not I will lean it like in the photo. 

The directions I use to some what follow were from,  also looked up how others have also made succulent art. 

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