Saturday, September 14, 2013

First Stitch Fix

First off you ask: What is Stitch Fix?

Answer: Its an online personal styling service that's a whole lot of fun. To get started, you go online and fill out a detailed style profile, including your preferred price points for different items and can also include your pinterest boards. One thing that I really liked about this is there is not contract or requirements on how many shipments you have to get or stuff you have to buy.  I even did my personal style profile one week and then sat on it for awhile before I finished the process. 

For a twenty dollar styling fee (that can be applied to anything you buy from your Fix), your stylist picks five items especially for you and ships them to your door. You have three days to try them on with other items from your own closet. They also provide you with a styling card which helps with what you could pair your Stitch Fix item with. Then, you simply go online to checkout. Purchase the things you like and send the rest back in the postage paid bag that comes with your Fix. Like it all? You get a whopping 25% discount when you buy all five items. Shipping is free both ways. Easy and fun!

I have seen couple people blog about it and then recently had a friend try it, so I thought why not lets give this a try.  Below is my first Stitch Fix shipment. Please feel free to give me feedback on the pieces. I have to send what I don't want back by Monday. 

So I was super excited when I saw this box on my porch not knowing what it contained. 

First Piece was the necklace really I am not much of a jewelry person but once I had it on I thought it was cute. I am not going to keep it I felt like the price for the necklace was a little to much for the quality. 

 Second piece was 41 Hawthron black blouse, first thought seeing in on the hanger was not sure if I like it. Well once I had it on I thought this is surprisingly cute.  I am still not 100% on this but with fall approaching I thought this might be super cute with boots too. 

 Third piece was Chris & Carol top, well I don't love this at all. It did not fit me well it was really to big and plus way over priced for what it was.  So I am thinking this a big NO. 

Forth piece 41Hawthron dress, this dress really has me going back and forth. One thing is I know I could definitely use this for church, shower ect. What are your thoughts Yes or No?

Fifth piece was this Sweet Rain Cardigan at first I was not sure pleased with it but once I put it on with an outfit I thought its cute but on the other hand it felt a little itchy although I do love the color.  What are your thoughts?  

If you decide to try Stitch Fix, please sign up through my referral link. I'm not affiliated with Stitch Fix in any way, but when you get your first Fix, Stitch Fix will give me a $25 credit. And better yet, when you get your first Fix, they'll give you your own referral link to share with your friends.

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