Friday, September 20, 2013

Meal Planning

Oh its 4:00pm hmmm.......Whats for dinner? 

How many of you do this because I know I do. I'm defiantly somebody that does this if I don't have a plan.  Which then leads to us eating out or takeout.  This summer I started to plan meals. First thing I did was go into my kitchen and look through everything I have and checking the dates on everything. Then open the freezer  to see what meat was stored in there. I then made a commitment to use up everything I had before buying more food. I planned 10 meals seriously 10 meals thats crazy. I wouldn't have ever thought that I had anything in there to pull to together one meal. Now I started to meal plan for the month. I write a meal for every night on the calendar, sometimes switch it up depending on my mood and what sounds good but it works cause I have most the stuff I need for it (just flip flop the meals). 

My steps on this process are:

First: Check what I have. 

Second: Make a calendar. Make sure you have your house activities calendar with you. Pick easy things like crock pot stuff on nights you have a lot of stuff going on. Also think about some kind of meat you can make once but a large amount to use for 2 nights example shredded chicken great for tacos one night, then 3 nights later great for enchiladas. 

Third: Add your meals into your calendar on your phone or computer. Set it up to remind you at 3pm or 4pm (what ever time really works) that way you can get your booty in gear for dinner to be ready at a decent hour. I also set a remind to go off in the am to pull meat out of the freezer so it can thaw.

Fourth: Pull all your recipes and make a list of everything. Check for your spices and condiments.

Fifth: Now you have a shopping list, off to the store you go. 

Once a month I go to Costco to get meat and for dry goods. I do Costco plus the grocery store. Then once a week I do produce at the grocery store but I would like to get that delivered to me so I am looking into that. One other thing I do is every time I go to the store I always check the meat if there are any good deals I will buy it and freeze it. I will also check on other things that I frequently use.  There are times where I have to run to the store because I have forgotten something or the produce spoiled. Plus the kids will want something which is almost always. 

Meal planning seems to work well in our home since we are running a very busy house hold with 4 kids especially with school and activities. The only down fall is me on lazy days or when this mommy has be run ragged by the kids all day.  

Keep an eye out I will post a week of meals on my blog which will include a shopping list and all the recipes you will need. 

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