Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Painting and Vino Round 1 Cherry Blossoms

A couple months back my friend went to a Painting and Vino night. I thought this sounded like sure fun and it was right up my alley so sign me up!  Better yet, Groupon was running a deal the price for the class was $22 bucks. 

This is a picture of the painting we were going off of. 

So here is the deal, they host it at a restaurant and you can eat and drink whatever you want (food and drinks not included) while you paint.  Ours was hosted at Mozambique Restaurant in Laguna Beach.  The class runs for 3 hours. The instructor takes you step by step each way so make sure you brought your good listening ears. 

Joy and I went to this class and I say this one because I will be going 3 times this week. lol We order a craft of Sangria and a couple appetizers. I thought the food was so so but oh well we were her to paint. 


When you get there everything is set up for you which was really nice and at the end you don't even have to clean up really  which makes it even nicer. 

I didn't take a bunch of pictures of the steps since I was really having to listen well. This was was probably after about 20 steps. It defiantly a lot so steps with all the blending you do. 

Joy painting along. 

Almost done, we had to stop for about 10 minutes to let the paint dry before starting the tree. Look how crazy messy my plate was it was bothering me so I ask for another one she said no though. 

This is my finished product. I was super happy with the out come. Doing the tree I was super stress because I didn't want to mess it up. (first picture of this blog is the one we were copying off of)

Joy and I with our paintings. I had a lot of fun this is something I would recommend to do with friend or friends. 

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